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oporto adventure Carla Sergio 285x285


Oporto Adventure Tours represents everything we love: nature, the Gerês National Park, Land Rovers, adventure, travels and travelers stories!



The way we organize tours has a lot to do with who we are: focused in details, exigent travelers, with high sense of responsability and passion.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. You will find in each detail of a tour a little piece of us.


In 2012 we were the first company in Porto saying: "Eih! You travelers, nature and adventure lovers, come and get to know Gerês!". What started as an eccentricity, now is a must-do in every visit to Porto!

We are proud of being the first company to make it happen successfully. But we don't live in the shadow of our past... we are always trying to improve year after year.


Very good is not good enough! We want to be excellent.

One more good day in Porto is not good enough! We want you to have the best day of your trip with us.

Having Gerês as a good remembrance is not good enough! We want it to be an unforgettable experience.

Believing in sustainable tourism is not good enough! We want you to see with your own eyes what we do for the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage of Gerês.

You aren't just another person in our tours. We want you to feel unique doing something special.


We are more exigent about what we do that you could ever be. We are our biggest critics. And we don't know how to be other way else.

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Our team


frame DUARTEDuarte , The wise

It´s true! Duarte is that kind of guy that always have an answer for you. Food, traditions, history, you name it and he probably can help you out! He is also a biologist, and his eyes will glow brighter when he speaks of the animals and plants that you might find along the park!

Don't expect a boring professor, but somebody that has something special to share and to enhance your experience!






Rui, the Gypsy Whistleroporto adventure Rui 285x285

With an incredible sense of humour and a positive energy typical from somebody that thinks that everyting in the world is a gift, Rui inevitably shares his good energy with you!

As a traveler, he also can share opinions with you about travel's destinations... but books and music are his addiction!

It will be impossible not to hug him at the end of the journey!





oporto adventure Jedi 285x285

Ricardo, the Jedi

Ricardo is a young and funny biologist that knows everything about the National Park.

We call him the Jedi, because the force is strong on this one and, when you meet him, you will understand why.

He is very knowledgeable and passionate about every animal or plant that you will see in Gerês...

He also loves to meet people from different countries and cultures and will be a perfect host to you in our home: Gerês National Park.



Varela, the old manoporto adventure Varela 285x285

No, he is not an 80 years old man!

Experience is something to value. Varela is our most experienced guide and that's why we call him "the old man".

He is a very sporty, spiritual and a savvy traveler. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does.

Be prepared: after the tour you will receive some incredible photos of your day with him in Gerês! 



oporto adventure Fred 285x285

Fred (not the Flinstone)

Freddy is a biologist who loves more nature than himself.

You can find him always looking for a frog or a bird to show you.

His knowledge about the Park, its animals and plants, and its people and livelihoods is immense and he is always transmitting that passion to you.

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Rui...Rui Pedro!Rui Pedro

 Rui is the only one with academic background in tourism! And you know what? He quitted the old ways and searched for something different! He found us!

Don't expect Rui to treat you like a tourist, you will be just a person he is curious to meet and and to have fun with!

Along with all the other people he will show you the park and all it has to offer! Authentic, easy smile, helpful, Rui is the kind of guy that makes only what his heart tells him, and that usually makes it a good thing!




oporto adventure Nuno 285x285

Nuno, the Octopus

Nuno is the man behind the emails, and a true octopus!

Intelligent and discreet, he uses is thousand tentacles to control everything!

He will always be available to keep you informed before and after the tour is done! One thing is certain: he will make sure that you have a positive experience in Oporto Adventure Tours since the first email we exchange to the very last one!


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