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FAQs - oPorto Adventure Tours
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Yes! Our main goal is that you won’t have to worry about a thing during your stay with us. So, we will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation in our 4x4 vehicle.

We do pick up at the airport, apartments and your friend's house as long as it is in Porto.

South of Douro is not possible because it will add at least one hour more to the tour's total.

Yes! Our 4x4 has special seats for children and 8 seats available in total. The vehicle is fit to accommodate you and every member of your family.

Our hiking difficulty purpose is an easy level and our guides are prepared to take care of children and elderly people, so don’t give up on your idea to explore Peneda or Gerês National Park, just because your family is coming along.

Do the other way around, think about this as an option for a family day during your stay in Porto.

The most important thing to wear are the shoes! These should be comfortable for hiking. No flip flops or heels please.

Bikini/shorts are recommended in summer, and a towel as well.

You can take a bus, departing from Porto to Gerês National Park. In the villages you can try to hike some trails (be aware that some of them may be restricted and you may need a special license) or find a local company that can take you to the beginning of the trails.

If you decide to go with Oporto Adventure Tours you won’t need to worry about transportation, we will look after you from the beginning until the end of your journey.

Don’t forget that Oporto Adventure Tours is the best and easier way to discover the greatest trails in Peneda National Park.

We are a not a “typical” tourism business, come with us and you’ll see for yourself.

Yes we do! Nature has always different beauties to see that will surprise you. During fall/winter season, you can experience the amazing brown colour of the landscapes and the power of the waterfalls. The spring/summer season will also surprise you, since you can go swimming in amazing lagoons and feel the powerful smell of flowers.

All year long we visit small villages where you can meet locals and discover the other side of Portugal.

Easy/moderate level. The sound of water and the amazing smell will follow you on your way.

Our tour is small enough (max 8 people) to allow you to go at your own pace.

It depends on the aim of your visit. If you would like to swim in the lagoons, it’s only possible from March to October. On the other hand, if your idea is to go walking, discover new places (and people) and relax, you can also do it in winter season.

So, you can go whenever you want, knowing that Peneda Gerês is always a great choice!

In Winter you can get some rainy days, around 20%, snow, around 5 days a year on the highest levels of the mountain and the temperatures range between 32ºF (0ºC) and 50ºF (10ºC).

Spring and Autumn are mild. We can have some rain with temperatures going from 46ºF (8ºC) to 73ºC (23ºC).

In Summer you have a minimum average temperature of 64ºF (18ºC) and a Maximum of 86ºF (30ºC).

An off–road vehicle of course! The others can go faster but we can go everywhere.

The only way to get to the best places in Gerês is having a 4x4 vehicle and a special license to go there.

Yes. We have also special discounts and we can do private tours for your family if you want to. Children and elderly people are welcome.

Oporto Adventure Tours works together with local communities to provide development for everyone. With this synergy we help to preserve the traditions and revive some already lost. Also, our guides are handpicked from the finest and each one has a different background, helping each other to improve better.

Yes. We have a wide variety of dishes that can satisfy your needs (even if you are vegetarian/vegan/lactose intolerant/etc.)

Everting that is traditional food from North Portugal.

Roasted chorizo, Olives, Caldo verde, Vinho verde,  Codfish dumplings (A batter, deep fried, of potato, onion, parsley, egg and of course codfish), Homemade corn bread, Punheta de bacalhau(Desalted codfish with olive oil and onions - the portuguese sushi), Mountain cheese, Pica- pau (Pork diced together with linguiça - a very thin and spicy sausage - dipped on a spicy tomato sauce), Melon with ham, Pastel de Nata, Coffee and Tea, Local drinks.

The lunch is in a panoramic restaurant from Gerês that only the locals and Portuguese tourists go… normally to eat what you will eat.

A part of the amount you pay goes straight to Ermida’s community. Our goal is to help locals finding resources to support themselves and to preserve the forest.

This community assists the local economy, creating new jobs for young people. With your help, we can assure sustainability for life on the countryside for the next generations to come.

If you are lucky you can spot an Ibex (mountain wild goat), or a wolf, but it's really very difficult. Butterflies are a must and lizards are spotable everywhere, specially from Spring to Autumn.

Wild flowers bloom everywhere from Spring to Autumn and they are so tiny that you have to pay attention not to step on them. Walking the same trail everyday, you can spot different kinds blooming. There's some bushes all over the National Park, and some are very famous because you can do herbal tea with them. Hipericão and Carqueja are the most famous but you can find more.

Rafting, kayaking, traditional cooking workshops on the villages, hiking, canyoning, you name it - we have it all.

If it's outdoor or in the mountains we can do it and we always have a solution. For your company, school, friends, bachelor and hen parties we are there for you.

Canyoning, Rafting or our Gerês Tour are perfect activities for a Bachelor or Men party.

Along with your friends you will have a day plenty of fun with us and at the end of the day we will make special recommendations for your evening in Porto, and tell you about the best Clubs in town.

Ask us and we will help you with the preparations.

We were the first ones to do it, the first company to believe that Gerês National Park is worth visiting.

We are known by our requirements and satisfaction levels, as you can check on TripAdvisor.

Our philosophy is that people are not tourists, people are people, just like us, that enjoy travelling and nature. So, our guides are not the “typical” tourism guide, they are friendly people who love nature.

Oporto Adventure Tours is the only company that has a license to visit some off road trails, on special places in Gerês.

We are mostly known by our quality, safety, versatility and ability to provide amazing experiences, if you join our tour alone, with family or with friends.

We are passionate about what we do and our work just makes sense if at the end of the day you can say to us: “It was the greatest day during my stay in Porto”.

All our guides have first aid formation and are always equipped with a first aid kit.

Yes! We know enough people in Gerês that will open their own doors for us and let us go inside of their houses to keep ourselves cosy. However, we try our best to not book your tour on rainy days. Anyway, we choose trails where the rain impact is softer.

Our “slogan” is: If someone wishes to explore Gerês during their stay in Porto, they will do it. The minimum is 2 people and maximum is 8.

We try to answer your e-mails as fast as possible.

The payment can be done in cash (at the end of the tour) or paypal. If you prefer to pay in advance, you can make a bank transfer as well.

We never stop in souvenir stores or any type of shops and our guides will not try to sell you anything. We enjoy nature, we don’t like shops and in our tour we do what we love to do.

There aren’t alcoholic drinks provided besides those available during lunch time;

Our guides won’t deal with you like tourists, they will relate to you like friends;

We don’t take you to crowded places (in Peneda Gerês National Park). In our sites we can have more than one group of people visiting but usually we don’t like noisy spots because we love the sound of nature

We have always a plan B, in case of rainy weather, vehicle problem, or, in the worst case scenario, someone getting hurt… We have a plan B to cover everything that might keep your day from being as perfect as you wished.

Everything is dangerous if you don’t follow the rules.
All our activities are surveyed by professional guides certified by the proper authorities. They will be sure that you are always safe and having fun.

The official language of our tours is English. If you want a specific language you will have to ask us for a private tour.

You will have two insurances covering the group, the company's Liability one and a personal insugurace that’s why we always ask for your full name and dates of birth before going on our tours.

1) Oporto Adventure Tours is not responsible for any items left in the vehicles nor liable for delays due to Traffic or weather conditions.

2) The company is closed on January 1st and December 24th, 25th and 31st. we do not guarantee full availability for this days, and in the evening, we do not operate.

3) The realization of the activities are subject to the existence of technical conditions and favorable weather. If the activities are canceled, you will be offered the possibility to make a new reservation, having the right to indicate a new date, but always subject to weather conditions and availability of the respective day. If the customer incurs in expenses or losses regarding a cancellation on the day of adverse weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances unrelated with Oporto adventure tours, the latter cannot be held responsible for the same.

4) We have a 10 minutes waiting tolerance at the meeting points; if you're late or lost please call us. Be sure you give us the right number in case we need to call you.

5) Smoking or alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the vehicles. Frequent stops for sightseeing and meals are made, which will provide the participants the opportunity to smoke and drink (moderately) while off the vehicles.

6) If you would like to make a change to your booking please contact us by e-mail.

7) Oporto adventure tour cannot be held liable for accidents resulting from carelessness of the participants or their disregard for their guides instructions.

8) Reservations made by phone or e-mail will only be considered valid after all relevant information is gathered (Name, birthdates and pick-up location) and a confirmation email is sent by Oporto adventure tours witch states all the conditions for the tour.

9) The photo and video service is an extra offered to the clients, Oporto adventure tours will not be responsible for it´s quality or for any problems/ accidents that may occur to the cameras and that may destroy or ruin this photos and videos.

10) Restrictions:

10.1) It is the customer's responsibility to ensure it is in good conditions of health (physical and mental health, etc) to perform the contracted activities.

10.2) In case of doubt, please contact us. We can guarantee that we will do everything possible to make any client with some kind of physical limitation to enjoy our activities properly. To this end, we request that any such restrictions are mentioned before the time of purchase/reservation, so that we can take the necessary preparations to meet the needs of those clients.

10.3) There are some restrictions in specific activities such as the canyoning tour:

•    Minimum age allowed: under 18 only with permission of parents / guardians (the responsibility of the contractor);
•    Maximum age admitted: not applicable
•    Minimum height and weight: 30 kg | 135
•    Maximum Weight and height: 115 kg | 210 cm

11) We incentivize responsible turism: To keep the places that we visit clean, to collect all the garbage produced during the tours and to respect the local people and their routines.

12) The tour is considered valid with both parties agreed with this terms and conditions.

13) We are a registered company, Da Company LDA, NIF: ..... RNAAT: ..... with all required insurance coverage and all the requisite licenses for our activity.


1) In case of cancellation with at least 48 hours in advance, the full value of the reservation will be refunded.
2) In case of cancellation with at least 24 hours in advance, half of the value of the reservation will be refunded.
3) In case of cancellation with at least 12 hours in advance, No refund will be given.


1) We give full refunds in case of vehicle mechanical failure that incapacitates the tour to fulfill all the destinations agreed.
2) We will not offer a refund due to problems with our photo and video cameras.


1) If a tour is booked by a free-sale operator but is not possible to be fulfilled by oporto adventure tours (Due to overbooking, minimum number of people not met, incapacity of the company workers and/or vehicles) Oporto adventure tours will try to present always an alternative. In case the client does not want or does not have the possibility to take another tour and/ or in another date, the client will be 100% refunded.
2) the payments can be done with cash, PayPal or bank transfer (The receipt or proof of payment has to be send by email)


1) Oporto adventure tours reserve the right to make images and video coverage (with sound) of the clients during these activities. Thus, except indicated otherwise by writing from the clients prior to the activity, the participants in the activities gives all the rights and authorizes the use of photos and videos collected during the activities and the periods before and after the same, for placement on the website and social networks, to be used for marketing and advertising purposes of the company only.

1) If you cannot swim or you are not comfortable inside water.

Our tours consist in periods of hiking followed by baths in the lagoons, so if you cannot enjoy this parts it will be better to design a tour for you!

2) If you like to hike more than one hour straight.

Our tour is an introduction to Gerês national park and all it has to offer, but is not meant to be a dedicated hike tour.

Our objective is to show you the most special spots in just one day and for that to happen we need to use the 4x4 and shorten the hikes. If you want long hikes, we need to design a private tour.

3) If you don´t want to share the car with other people.

You will spend the day with people you don´t know (max 8 people for car), from different countries, cultures and languages. Our experience tells us this aspect is a positive thing and creates a nice atmosphere and an overall good feeling. But, if you don´t feel comfortable with that there is no problem, You just need a private tour. 

4) Physical condition.

The 4x4 can give you lost of things but it can also be tiering since comfort is not is best quality. Our hikes, although short,  Can be become a big challenge for people with heath problems specially some areas with inclination. The decision must be reflected before entering the normal tour as that can affect the experience of the all group. In this cases, we recommend a private tour.

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