5 reasons to visit Peneda-Gerês National Park during your trip to Porto

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Nature is beautiful in every part of the world.
What makes Peneda- Gerês National Park different is that you can fell it intensively.
During a hiking in some mountain trails you can stop to swim into amazing clear lagoons or waterfalls.

Touch wild horses (garranos) and lie or fall asleep, leaning against a century-old tree
Alone or in a group you can do Hiking , Kayaking, Canyoning, Paddling, in amazing scenery.
There are 70 000 hectares not to see, but to feel like if you were a part of it.

Perfect combination between Culture Traditional & Nature

People established their lives in Gerês National Park centuries ago...you will find lost villages in the park, you will see a living museum and understand part of Portugal’s history and culture, far away from the cities.

Is not far from Porto

Geres National Park is about 100 Km from Porto.

The problem is not the distance, the problem is get to  the best spots of the national park. Going there and explore the park requires even  with a guide,wake up early in the morning and return in the evening to Porto. This seems a hard day...but wer garanteed that  nothing is healthier than felling the living nature of Gerês.

Food Adventure

In every part of Portugal you have an impressive experience with food and wine.
Gerês National Park is not the exception.
Caldo verde. Chouriço. Bacalhau and Vinho Verde will make your experience at least different from other hiking spots around the world.

Wild life

The wild horses "garranos" and deer are the most famous animals in the park.
But hiking in Gerês is a reptile, amphibians and butterflies safari.
It’s not dangerous and you can see dozens of this species during a small hiking trail. A variety of birds at Gerês National Park are also common; the most impressive can be the eagle.


Author: Carla Couto

(Oporto Adventure Tours owner)