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1 ) You don’t need to have experience / it’s easy to learn

Stand-up paddle is technically easy to learn and that’s one of the reasons it got so popular know a days!
Our guides are experient, patient and great teachers and they will make sure that all the information is understood by you as well as testing it in a safe way in the river, so that when you start paddling you will feel confident and safe to enjoy your activity 100%!
It´s quite normal in the end of the tour for people to want to buy their own material and do stand-up paddle everywhere they go!

2) You don’t need to know how to swim nor have a good physical condition!

That´s right! We provide suits/life jackets that allow you to float, plus our guides will make sure that they can get you back on track if you fall down from the board!

3) It’s a mistake to think is boring!

Adrenaline hunters often think that Stand-up Paddle is going to be a boring activity, which could not be more far from the truth!
There is a feeling of personal overcoming on top of the board, jumps and challenges that each particular river provides and that the adrenaline addict does not want to miss!
After all, it´s wrong to deny something you have never done and lose the chance to surprise yourself!

4) If you like nature, you will love this experience!

The rivers are calm, so is normal to see near perfect reflections in the water! The trees get out of the river banks and make you feel cosy and small! It´s a warm feeling to have!
The local vegetation is exuberant with intense green colors from trees, vineyards and plants! The presence of the birds in the form of beautiful melodies happens all the time contrasting with the natural quietness and silence of the area. The contemplation is 100% assured!

5) It will only take 5 hours! Half-day of your time in Porto!

The pick-up around 9 a.m allow you to take the necessary time for a good vacation breakfast!
Around 2 p.m you are back in Porto and our guide can drop you off in a specific location in the city center! We will still have plenty of time to explore the city!