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What do you need to know before organizing a Bachelor Party in Porto?

We never doubt that Porto is one of the best destinations in Europe for a bachelor party or group events.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Great price for the accomodation value (hostels/apartements/hoteis)
  2. Surprising & Exciting nightlife.
  3. Porto is one of the best cities for the food and drinks.
  4. City is extremely easy to wander and explore.
  5. Outdoor Acitivies are available and easy to find.

Ready yet? Here is how to start organizing your bachelor party:

First thing first, book a quick flight to Porto now. Best places to find from my opinion is momondo.com.

When you arrived at Porto Airport (Areporto Sa Carneiro), you will have metro station sits nicely inside the airport which connects directly to city center (it costs 1,5 euro for the ticket), super fast and convenient. Besides, you also take a shuttle bus for 6 euro/person.

The accomodation to find depends on your group size as well as how much you want to spend.  Porto has some of the best hostel in the world like Tattva, Rivoli hostel or spot hostel (15 euros/person). If you want more privacy, Airbnb apartments are always available. All of them are really easy to find in Porto.

Now that you have gotten settled, it’s time for some fun!

I am quite certain that you will be surprised by our extraordinary cuisine. You can have a taste in any restaurants that you find around the city. Quality is ensured. And, please, don’t leave my city without trying our typical dishes like francesinha or drink the famous national beer Super Bock.

Go on having fun and dancing in Galerias de Paris, one of the main streets in Porto where you can find lots of bars with great music, awesome atmosphere, with beautiful people. All of them are there to have great fun like you too!

However, don’t lose all your energy in nightlife. Porto has so much more to offers. After a great night with the city and your wonderful friends. Now it is time for nature and some great outdoor activities.

Take a glance at this video, it will surprise you.

See the video:


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We professionally organizing your bachelor party as well as your group activity here in Porto!

  • We pick and drop your whole group at your hotel!
  • Various activities that you can do: Kayaking, Paddling, Hiking, Wild swimimg, Kitesurf, Canyonig , Rafting, 4×4.
  • Lunch with our typical food and drinks (Vinho Verde, Super Bock)
  • Wonderful photos and videos taken by our team.
  • We have the coolest and friendliest guide, with amazing local hosts.


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