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1. Bikini/Shorts

Go to Gerês and not take your bathing suit is like to go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower. To understand the Gerês essence, you need to feel the therapeutic crystal waters sensation.

2. Towel

Spread the towel on a rock and, like a lizard, enjoy the silence and the sun shining on your skin.

3. Sunscreen

Summer in Gerês is very hot (normally more 3/4 degrees than Porto) so it`s very important have a good skin protection. You don`t want to look like a lobster after the tour.

4. Boots

The hikes are short but a no slippery pair of shoes avoids accidents and provides a better walk on the trails.

5. An Open Heart

You will have a day full of new adventures, new people, new places and a different culture so it is crucial that you arrive with an open heart and a clear mind. If so, you will have an unforgettable time in Gerês National Park!

5 things you don’t need!

Our guides provide bottled water and it is also possible to drink directly from the natural springs.
– Photographic Camera
Don´t worry with the photos of the day, enjoy the moment, our guide take care of that for you!
– Maps
You are going with a Gerês expert guide, you don´t need a map!
– Mobile Phone
Turn off the phone, relax and forget for a few hours the city rush and stress.
– Money
We don´t stop in souvenir shops, our day is focused in Gerês nature, therefore our tour has everything you need included. Part of the tour money is a contribution to help preserving nature and the culture of the villages you visit, so you already are helping the local economy
Written by Carla Couto