Best day tour for family who comes to Porto.


We are happy and proud to reach more than 500 positive reviews on Tripadvisor, and obviously, we cannot thank enough to our lovely travellers for their trust, love and recommendation to others. It is such a milestone to Oporto Adventure Tours for bringing all our travellers,  to get to know Geres National Park more so we all can show the love and endorsements towards the beauty of nature.


However, lots of our customers has been wondering whether the adventure trip is fit for their whole family. Commonly, through these questions.


"Is the tour suitable & safe for young childs?"

"Can the children take part in all the activities too?"


You will find your answer, sincerely, through this two detailed reviews that our lovely travellers has given to Oporto Adventure Tours.


"I was writing to convey what a wonderful experience my family and I had on our excursion on Thursday with RuiRight from the start, Rui established an instant rapport with all of us, especially the children. By the end of our adventure, my son Jac was ready to abandon our vacation and go to work with Rui as a guide! Rui was truly a delight and a wonderful fit for our family.

In addition to the hiking, swimming, climbing & jumping (the entire experience was great) we really enjoyed baking the bread with Alice. This was a pleasant surprise to us and what a treat. I will certainly give your company a favorable review as we had an adventure we will not forget. We are grateful to have come across your information online and to have had the pleasure to work with all of you and enjoy the beauty of your country.

I also truly appreciate how helpful you were throughout the entire process, even with questions that were clearly outside the scope of what you do (like questions about lodging and train transport) you were extremely helpful. We congratulate you, Rui and your company for providing such a wonderful service."

Reviewed by John & Maria Sansone

 Children are masters of enjoying the moments


"My family and I went along on a tour this week. My sons are 10 & 12, my 12 year old is a wheelchair user but we don't want to limit his life experiences so we got in touch with Oporto Adventure Tours. 

We went to the view point I was over the moon to be on the top of a mountain with our Dan; we have climbed a few back home without him and I have always had a moment of sadness at the top that he couldn't be there with us to see the awesome views, I'm so pleased he got to climb his first mountain!! (in a jeep)

On to the lagoon, and I'm so pleased we got to go there, most tour operators, I'm sure, would decide that it was far too inaccessible, but my husband just carried Dan down on his shoulders and we had a good hour or so there. My younger son Thomas was in his element climbing over the rocks.The boys went frog hunting whilst myself & Dan chilled out in the sunshine. We could have been the only people in the world it was so peaceful & beautiful. Dan even managed a dip in the water, though accidentally!!

Rui (Rabbit!), our wonderful guide, I can't say how brilliant he was, what a credit to the company he is. He was great with my boys and every question we asked about where we were he could answer. 

After a sleepy ride home our Thomas declared that this was the best day of his life and Dan later agreed. What a fantastic time we have had."  

Reviewed by Katie R


Playful time with our lovely young travelers


So if you still have any doubt, just give us an email. We will be certain that you can entrust our guides to take good care of your whole family, especially the kids.

Come with us, we will you have an unforgettable vacation with your loved ones.


Written by Antonio Hoang


Find the Off the Beaten Path in Porto

hiking mountains cow

This could be another one of the thousand million articles about travelling, but it is not, it won’t be.

Lately, travelling has become trendy. Every newspaper has its own section of where to go and what to do. Magazines are promoting it. Brands are using it as publicity. It’s in the movies, books, art shows, concerts… travelling is cool, admit it! It sells and who wants to be fashionable is doing it and if you are not, you should start thinking about it. That’s good, I am not complaining. Don’t get me wrong! Travelling is amazing and I think that everyone should really do it. Still, as in everything, this travelling boom highlights a dark side.

“I am the type of traveller who believes that you can have a real trip to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower”

Since travelling became kind of a product, people started to handle it as if it was one. They make lists of things to do in Porto, as they do when they go to the supermarket...
I have no problems with organization; I know that’s the best way to prepare a trip. I have problems understanding why people always choose the same tourist things to do and do not take the risk of doing something different.

For me travelling is much more than seeing things or being in places. 

Travelling is never about the images, the stamps on your passport or the lovely pictures on the postcards…. It is much more than that! It’s about becoming richer, not in money (give me a good restaurant with some nice beers and money will disappear), but in life, experience, things that will stick with you for the rest of your days.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning to come to Porto. Great! If you agree with my way of travelling, accept my suggestion on discover Peneda – Gerês National Park during your trip to Porto.

locals sharing portuguese food

This photo was taken during the Gerês Tour when the locals shared with our travellers the lunch in Pedra Bela View Point... It was hilarious!!

If you think that Gerês is only for nature lovers you are wrong, trust me: it’s one of the most authentic and cultural experience that you can have in Porto. Gerês is the heart of a country that is slowly getting old and disappearing.

You’ll find neither English speakers, nor sightseeing buses over there. However, you will surely see the humble smile of a shepherd that crosses your way, or you’ll be invited by an old woman to enter her house and show you her family.

I am a man that lives in a city. The first time I went to Gerês, I was travelling in my own country. The people, the food, the views, the place itself got into me and ever since, I didn’t want that trip to end. That’s why I started to work here. So let me share it with you, let me be the 6th thing to do in a 5 point-list and prove you that the only thing a real traveller MUST DO in Porto is to leave a blank space in every list for surprises.

I hope to see you soon. It will be a pleasure driving you to the off the beaten path in Porto and around.


Author: Rui Coelho
(Oporto Adventure Tours guide)

What to do in Oporto during the Autumn and the Winter?

oporto adbenture tours land rover

The winter is coming!

This is the motto of House Stark, the lords of the north of Westeros from the Game of Thrones, but here in the north of Portugal it will not be so sinister as in the series because we are always prepared to receive the cold season of the year.

Let's talk about your Winter in Oporto and what you can do if you choose to come at this time of the year.

From October to March/April it is very likely that you will have to travel with a raincoat or a winter jacket and waterproof footwear. During the Autumn and Winter it's not cold in Oporto but you will get steady rain. Nothing that will stop you to seize the city and the surrounding areas. So what will happen is that you will get the lowest prices in accommodation, no queues to visit all the best spots in town and you will be able to see more for much less time and money than during the summer time.

What to do in Oporto during the low season?

As green panthers, we love Nature, come hell or high water! Our first suggestions for outdoor activities are:


Rain doesn't stop us to do rafting...the buzz is so high that no one notices is even raining.

Rafting is the perfect Rafting is the perfect plan if you are coming to Oporto with a group of friends or family from October until May.

After the adrenaline rush follows the hot bath with a stop in a very typical restaurant where you will eat and drink the most authentic meal from Portuguese gastronomy.

Did it rain? I didn't even notice!


The Autumn colors in Peneda – Gerês National Park are simply magic and to walk in Albergaria forest is breathtaking. On the other hand, the rivers, cascades and lagoons fill up with energy from the water and the sound of it running remains in our minds even when the track is over.

Albergaria forest, Vilarinho das Furnas, Arado waterfalls, several viewpoints in so many different places for you to see and constantly be surprised! In the end you can end up your day in soothing hot springs... Are you ready to be in the warm springs even with rain?

You will need waterproof boots and a certain amount of madness! To embark in this epic adventure in autumn/ winter is to take the risk of doing the most unforgettable experience of your life!


Did you know that near Oporto there are spots to watch more than 160 species of birds all year round?

For more information go to our website:

In the city

Oporto is a city where the main attractions are relatively near from each other. To walk even with rain is an option however the city has a metro, tram and bus that help you to get around.

Cafés, taverns, museums, art galleries and many other options for you to visit us at any time of the year.

Now you know: if you are a nature lover, do not hesitate to send us your special request or ask us anything you need to know to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The winter is coming! But nothing will stop you from traveling to Porto.


Author: Carla Couto
(Oporto Adventure Tours owner)

Oporto: the perfect destination for extreme adventure sports

 white water rafting oporto

Are you an active person, looking for your next adventure?

If so, you should definitely consider coming to Oporto and explore the north of Portugal.

Canyoning tour

If you like canyoning as much as we do, you will find in Oporto a wide variety of rivers that offer the most incredible experiences for canoyning lovers. It is a perfect scenario to plunge into the wells and cascades from different heights, doing slide rappel and enjoy canyoning down the most wild rivers.

Oporto Adventure Tours provides a pick-up service with an accredited guide holding the best equipment (including special boots to enjoy the river) so you can come, hop on, hop off and live it up!

More information at :

Rafting tour

If you are looking for an extra buzz of adrenaline, Paiva river is located in a canyon and it is one of the most sparkling waterways in Europe.

Rafting in this watercourse is breathtaking even with rain and it is an exciting winter sports activity that will make your heart race.

Available tours:

Stand up paddle tour

Fancy the feeling of being alone with nature?

In our rivers you will have the opportunity to enjoy the balance of stand up paddling whilst contemplating the astonishing Peneda-Gerês National Park. It requires a calmer motion but it is as intense as any other action sports activity.

Stand up paddle has this spellbind that dazzles all the adrenaline addicts. It triggers that feeling of finding oneself in nature.

Available tours:

Kitesurf & Surf

The best spot you will ever find for kitesurfing in Europe in just around the corner. We will show you Esposende: a lovely seaside town within 50 km from Oporto. This beach has the perfect conditions for all levels of kitesurfers and surfers. Pick-up service available to curl up in the waves of a practically deserted beach.

Check it out here:

Paragliding tour

Have you ever dreamed about flying? 

We would like to take you with us to experience the unique feeling of freedom of flying high in the sky so you can gaze at the mesmerizing view of Serra do Alvão. It is a truly unforgettable moment.

With your eagle-eyes you will see a great green pyramid that seems like a flower hill and that gives it the name: Farinha Mountain, also known as Lady of Grace. It is a slope that soars in east Mondim de Basto town, located in the midst of Douro, Minho and Trás-os-Montes provinces. One can access the top of the hill by road. This activity may be subject to weather conditions, but having the opportunity to fly for the first time is something one should not miss.

More information at :

Why is Porto the best choice for action sports?

1. Low-cost flights all year round.
2. Excellent accommodation and warm people.
3. The spots for extreme adventure sports are nice and small locations; the best alternative to explore and live the authenticity of Portugal.
4. After the intensive activities we provide a typical delicacy experience. We are well known for being foodies so we want to introduce you to our diverse gastronomy. We are sure your mind will blow out!

Are you ready to land in Porto?

We are waiting for you!

For more information contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Author: Carla Couto
(Oporto Adventure Tours owner)

5 reasons why Porto is the perfect environment for your team building activities

rafting recreation park

Porto is a special destination for company’s gatherings and to prepare your team for the next level of management.

If you are thinking of improving your co-workers performance or simply reward them for a great year, Porto is the right choice  for you!

1.       The city itself is the perfect turf for bonding experiences, but if you want something special you have to meet northern Portugal’s fabulous nature.

Peneda-Gerês National Park is just an hour away and it’s the perfect scenery for your company meeting, allowing your associates to know each other better and to connect with themselves and their colleagues.

Recent studies proved that nature activities allow people to be more productive and creative.

2.       The immense beauty of canyoning, the team spirit of rafting, the coordination in a  kayak, the liberty of riding a bike, or even the amazing and rich conversations on a simple hike, guarantees a lot of fun to your team while jumping and relaxing in clear and pristine natural swimming pools.

In Gerês we have a lot of different activities available to you and we are always ready to design a journey for you.

3.       You, as a manager, are used to have a complete overview of what’s going to happen to achieve the desired results. Let us handle it. We have the inside knowledge, the right contacts, amazing suppliers, and the perfect places to create a unforgettable experience.

We will talk things through with you so you can dedicate your time to your team and have a perfect day.

4.       The mountains are perfect and so is the food. Centuries of food tradition are available for you to create the perfect break at the middle of the day or to finish up a great day.  A variety of different dishes is available so you can restore your energy and be ready for the next step. Food is also one of the best ways of connecting people.

Just imagine, a huge table filled with an assortment of different dishes, in a terrace overviewing the mountains, and a glass of cold white wine… Nourishes body and soul for sure.

5.       There’s only one way of achieving this, with a perfect host. You need someone who’s used to manage things, almost like your right arm. Someone knowledge about the whole process, about the places and the activities, that knows the plan and anticipates problems and has a quick and reliable solution. Picking you up at your accommodation and present all the way, he will be there making sure that everything is on the right track.

Visit Porto. Visit Gerês. Organize team building activities in Nature with Oporto Adventure Tours!

Author: Ricardo Brochado

(Oporto Adventure Tours guide)