1 ) You don't need to have experience / it ´s easy to learn

Stand-up paddle is technically easy to learn and that's one of the reasons it got so popular know a days!
Our guides are experient, patient and great teachers and they will make sure that all the information is understood by you as well as testing it in a safe way in the river, so that when you start paddling you will feel confident and safe to enjoy your activity 100%!
It´s quite normal in the end of the tour for people to want to buy their own material and do stand-up paddle everywhere they go!

oat stand up paddle tour

2) You don't need to know how to swim nor have a good physical condition!

That´s right! We provide suits/life jackets that allow you to float, plus our guides will make sure that they can get you back on track if you fall down from the board!

oat paddle fun fun

3) It´s a mistake to think is boring!

Adrenaline hunters often think that Stand-up Paddle is going to be a boring activity, which could not be more far from the truth!
There is a feeling of personal overcoming on top of the board, jumps and challenges that each particular river provides and that the adrenaline addict does not want to miss!
After all, it´s wrong to deny something you have never done and lose the chance to surprise yourself!

4) If you like nature, you will love this experience!

The rivers are calm, so is normal to see near perfect reflections in the water! The trees get out of the river banks and make you feel cosy and small! It´s a warm feeling to have!
The local vegetation is exuberant with intense green colors from trees, vineyards and plants! The presence of the birds in the form of beautiful melodies happens all the time contrasting with the natural quietness and silence of the area. The contemplation is 100% assured!

oat xili paddle nuno

5) It will only take 5 hours! Half-day of your time in Porto!

The pick-up around 9 a.m allow you to take the necessary time for a good vacation breakfast!
Around 2 p.m you are back in Porto and our guide can drop you off in a specific location in the city center! We will still have plenty of time to explore the city!

What is possibly stronger than a Land Rover engine?


A human heart full of passion!

Something extraordinary blooms in my heart whenever our travellers returned to Porto and say they have the time of their life!

Something that I just cannot explain, measure, or control.

Something that keep myself burning, and I can do nothing but to fall deeply in love with it.

Yes, it is passion. Thankfully, It fueled me with a strong heart to make Oporto Adventure Tours work.


To me, success requires hard work and its quality is the outcome of a large set of details! Thus, I constantly feel the pressure for excellence and it is definitely not enough to hear from visitors that they liked it or the tour was good.

Often, I put myself in their shoes: "what if I was a single traveler, a wife, a mother or even a school's or company's member doing teambuilding who have had a good day?"


For us, good is not enough, it has to be excellent!


It might be tough as the work wears you out daily. Nonetheless, the joy of overcoming is as hydrating as the spring waters of #GeresNationalPark .

That why with Oporto Adventure Tours, I constantly feed the passion with innovation.

In fact, 2016 was our Paddle year, in Gerês National Park, we have been finding incredible paddle spots that nowhere else has and it happens that we ourselves never able to leave the house without a paddle board! That is the reason why we want to share those precious moments with our travellers!


 Passions are stronger when shared, and inside our Land Rovers you hear our heart voices louder than its engine. 


Carla Couto (Owner of Oporto Adventure Tours)



Freedom is as important as the air I breed!

 Maybe that’s why I love riding my motor bike, paddling, and driving Land Rovers. I feel the freedom and I breathe better.

I am not as dedicated to details as Carla but I am as much or more demanding as her.

I am free to look at this company not only as who looks at his business.

Carla says a humans’ heart is more powerful than a Land Rover engine as she may not understand everything about cars. The Land Rover in the photo was born in 1981, it still has its' original engine, driving it is amazing.

Land Rover itself quotes: "others can drive faster, I can drive anywhere" which is perfect for me.

And as I am roaming around on this masterpiece,

I call this Freedom.

And Passion.


Sergio Miranda (Co-owner of Oporto Adventure Tours)

Stand-up paddle - A mandatory experience for nature lovers that come to Porto

We are outdoor specialists , adrenaline addicts , nature lovers and we love to share our passions with you travellers that visit Porto.

Take your paddle, let me show you the world.

Oh, where’s my manner?! I am Antonio, a traveller who is given a lifetime opportunities to go for try out all the outdoor activites in Porto, with Oporto Adventure Tours.
I will tell you my very first time I did paddling with Oporto Adventure Tours. I have never imagined such simple activity could make my day so relaxed and memorable.
Given a personal board and a paddle, I am freely to wander following the flows of the calm river. Trying my best to recall what I was instructed, however, it was fun to struggle a bit on the board for the balance. When I started to get a hang of it, I collected all the courage within me and I stood up.
5 seconds, that is all it took for me to fall right out of the board. I let myself flowing up with my satisfaction above the roof. You have to be there, my friends, to fully feel what I experienced at that very moment. I thought the best part of paddling was to be on the board, but I could never be so wrong. The water is so damn fresh, clean and tempered with the beautiful and vast looks of the surrounding. Blue sky, green banks, and the silver river. All combined held me stunned in the water without a need of getting back up onto the board.
The feelings will put a smile on your face, no matter how picky you are.

Let us paddle your worries away

 Laying myself along with the board, I feel small within the natures. Suddenly, I heard a French voice mumbling “La vie en rose”.
"Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la vie en rose”.
I realized it was my French traveller, who enjoys herself being casted along the river. The joy fulfilled within her just bursted into melodies. Of course, I did feel to do the same, just that I have a bad voice.
Picked up the paddle, I pushed myself forward. I recalled how the depth width of the river changes for every 10 minutes, there are part where the shallowness gives you a muddy feeling on your feets, but also part it would take 2 paddle-length to reach the bottom. Same goes with the views, from up-close with the river banks to the vast views of the giant hills and the sun dimming down into the river.
Inner-critic is a big thing for me, but here, at that moment, my mind is crystal cleared. My worries of everyday life is washed away, and all I got left is a moment, and a moment alone.
“You feel, you love, and you live”
Until now, I have done paddling for many times, but it never ceases to amaze me. Imagine a cold beer, or your sweet favorite cocktails, you had one, but it will never be enough. Apart from those alcohols, paddling surely is a healthy addiction.
 So, I guess, I will get your paddle prepared?

Oporto Adventure Tours will pick you up at your accommodation in Porto, and take you to the destinations. Paddling can be done, by choice,  at Geres National park, in Douro or Cavado or many other beautiful river sites close to Porto.
Just send us a email and we make it happen.
We are waiting for you!
Author: Antonio Hoang


Oporto: the gateway to Stand Up Paddle in the outstanding rivers of northern Portugal

 kayak paddle oporto

Stand Up Paddle has recently become our new passion. It chooses no ages and it is a great family activity. It is so easy to learn that will get under your skin. For us, the main difference between kayaking and paddling can be compared to riding a car and a bike. When we paddle we see more, we smell more, we feel free.

Best spots for stand up paddle around Oporto

Paddling at Peneda - Gerês National Park: the great adventure in the midst of a burgeoning nature in one of the 5 most beautiful parks in Europe!

This national park has peculiar fluvial beaches that assemble all the conditions to learn how to paddle and it's natural landscape makes it the perfect spot to practice this activity.

Gerês is an ode to an evergreen nature reflected on the streams, where you have big fishes swimming under your board and being in this park means ending your day in a waterfall or in a lagoon's natural spa

Paddling in the Vineyards of Douro Valley

Douro's vineyards are a magnificent landscape, recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage.

The best spot for paddling is Tua, a great place during the Autumn and Spring. Let yourself marvel with the incredible slopes of this region.

Paddle in Douro Nature Park... alone with vultures!

Imagine paddling with vultures circling around you! This happens in the border between Portugal and Spain but do not fear being taken under a vulture's wing! These birds are an essential part of the landscape composed by 60 meter high slopes.

This park is the furthest place from Oporto, but going there is worth the effort as one will watch birds of prey flying high (vultures, eagles and griffons).

Paddle in Douro River: an eccentric way of crossing the 6 bridges of Porto

Seeing Oporto from a paddle board in the middle of a river is an amazing experience. However doing it requires some expertise. The boats flow produce waves that demand some experience to control de balance. Still and all crossing D. Luís bridge is the most remarkable experience that we have had until now. It's is really something unique.

As mentioned before, paddle is our new “beloved child” and we are well equipped with guides and knowledge capable of delivering the ultimate paddle experience.

We hope you start loving paddle as much as we do!

If you wish to undertake your adventure with Oporto Adventure Tours write us to :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Author: Carla Couto
(Oporto Adventure Tours owner)