Gerês National Park - 100% plastic free initiative.

Hello Nature lovers,

Here is an update regarding the sustainable tourism projects going on this season. We have been developing many more ideas that we would like to share with you!
The main goal of our initiatives is to enlighten guests about environmental awareness. In doing so, we are providing information about environmental issues or problems and give solutions about necessary skills to take responsible actions. The aim is a 100% free plastic tour.
But how did we get to that idea?
In the last years we were monitoring our ecological footprint. We came to the conclusion that providing water bottles to our guests was leading to a big problem of plastic consumption and we realized that the company must change this behavior. Therefore, we started the project reducing our ecological footprint during our tours to reach the 100% plastic free goal.
The approach is to encourage all guests to bring their own water bottles and refill them with fresh spring water from the fountains that you can find around the national park. In the end of the tour the plastic that was used, can be recycled in Porto. This project was introduced and started in June this year.
We will be monitoring the plastic consumption during the season as we aim to become the 100% plastic free. We would really appreciate it if you can support us to accomplish this goal and reduce at all the plastic that you bring with you on the tours. 
In raising awareness of environmental challenges and shaping the attitudes and behaviors of the ones that join us, we believe we are leading to a responsible and more sustainable tourism.
We want to make a difference and be part of a changing paradigm into a sustainable and responsible tourism! We count on you to help us get there.
We will keep you updated about our actions and successes!

Planning a Bachelor party in Porto?

Planning a Bachelor, bachelorette, hen or stag party ?

5 tips of places to eat in Porto


Capa bacherlot


As you know we are experts in organizing fun and great outdoor moments in the nature, but 

during the booking process, many Stag/bachelor party organizers ask us about restaurants that can accomodate large numbers of people and that obviously are great places to eat! 

From our own experience as locals and considering also many travellers opinions, we would like to share with you 5 great options:


Restaurant: “O Antunes”


antunesantunes 2

Type of food: traditional Portuguese (we will recommend the pork leg)

Average price: 15 euros per person

restaurant type: Casual dining

Drinks: House wine!

Location: Rua do Bonjardim, 525

Advantages: good food, great space, good quality for the price!

Disadvantages: It´s a 15 min walk to the downtown center!


The erotic solution: “the lingerie restaurant”



Type of food: Fusion

Average price: 30 euros per person

restaurant type: dining with shows

Drinks: white drinks!

Location: Rua Gonçalo Cristóvão, nº 198 

4000-265 Porto

Advantages: It's an erotic bar, but does not over do it, it's usually lot´s of fun for bachelorette parties!

Disadvantages: The price is much higher than the other places and you should grab a taxi do go to downtown.


Restaurant: “Abadia do porto”


abadia 2abadia


Type of food: traditional Portuguese (Famous dish : “tripas á moda do porto”)

Average price: 15 euros per person

Restaurant type: Casual dining

Drinks: House wine!

Location: Rua do Ateneu Comercial do Porto 22, 4000 Porto

Advantages: Good food, great variety, Big space

Disadvantages: Indoor not many windows.


Restaurant: “Black Coffee”



Type of food: traditional Portuguese (Famous dish : “the black burguer”)

Average price: 15 euros per person

restaurant type: Fast Dining

Drinks:  Sangria

Location: Praceta Manuel Carlos Seabra Monteiro 41, Matosinhos 4450-096, Portugal

Advantages: Private events, possibility to include strip or belly dancing, open until after hours

Disadvantages: The price can be above average because of the location, which is also another disadvantage


Restaurant: “TASCO”



Type of food: traditional Portuguese (Several  “tapas” )

Average price: 15 euros per person

restaurant type: Casual Dining

Drinks:  House wine!

Location: Rua do Almada, 151A

Advantages: Good food, Very close to the  bars and nightlife in downtown

Disadvantages: Difficult to get a table (You should make an early reservation)




  • If you plan to organize a Bachelor, bachelorette, hen or stag party in Porto between June and September try to book your table at least one week in advance. it's high season in Porto and the restaurants that we suggest are wanted by tourists and locals.
  • When booking try to make it very clear which drinks are included and not included in the menu.
  • Don´t be too worried about the quality of food, it's hard to eat badly in Porto.
  • Uber is always a good option to move in Porto, between restaurant and bars.



10 Reasons why you should try canyoning in Porto!


1) Meet new people: locals and travelers like you!


oat a melhor foto de canyonig


2) Test your limits!


oat carla canyoning puto


3) Step out of your comfort zone as you share this wicked experience together.


oat canyoning 2


4) Get to know the real Portugal outside the big cities.


oat canyoning


5) Collect memories not souvenirs during your trip to Porto!


oat resposta modelo


6) Discover one of the most beautiful national parks in europe: The Gerês national park.


oat canyoing fotogenica caminhada


7) Dress cool suits and boots, taste local food!


oat hambuger


8) Experience different things during the same activity! Jumps, swimming, rappel, slide and rock climbing.



9) Nature is really good for your mental health!


oat of canyoning


10) You deserve to have amazing experiences to share!


oat jorge canyoning

For more information or questions, just send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Oporto Adventure Tours team!


1 ) You don't need to have experience / it ´s easy to learn

Stand-up paddle is technically easy to learn and that's one of the reasons it got so popular know a days!
Our guides are experient, patient and great teachers and they will make sure that all the information is understood by you as well as testing it in a safe way in the river, so that when you start paddling you will feel confident and safe to enjoy your activity 100%!
It´s quite normal in the end of the tour for people to want to buy their own material and do stand-up paddle everywhere they go!

oat stand up paddle tour

2) You don't need to know how to swim nor have a good physical condition!

That´s right! We provide suits/life jackets that allow you to float, plus our guides will make sure that they can get you back on track if you fall down from the board!

oat paddle fun fun

3) It´s a mistake to think is boring!

Adrenaline hunters often think that Stand-up Paddle is going to be a boring activity, which could not be more far from the truth!
There is a feeling of personal overcoming on top of the board, jumps and challenges that each particular river provides and that the adrenaline addict does not want to miss!
After all, it´s wrong to deny something you have never done and lose the chance to surprise yourself!

4) If you like nature, you will love this experience!

The rivers are calm, so is normal to see near perfect reflections in the water! The trees get out of the river banks and make you feel cosy and small! It´s a warm feeling to have!
The local vegetation is exuberant with intense green colors from trees, vineyards and plants! The presence of the birds in the form of beautiful melodies happens all the time contrasting with the natural quietness and silence of the area. The contemplation is 100% assured!

oat xili paddle nuno

5) It will only take 5 hours! Half-day of your time in Porto!

The pick-up around 9 a.m allow you to take the necessary time for a good vacation breakfast!
Around 2 p.m you are back in Porto and our guide can drop you off in a specific location in the city center! We will still have plenty of time to explore the city!

The winter in Gerês National Park!

geres outono

Gerês National Park is gorgeous year-round, but winter is truly a magical time to visit it. If you are looking to get away from the concrete and explore the outdoors during your city break in Porto then this is the place for you!Avoid the crowds and discover the wild essence of one of the most beautiful national parks in europe during the low season - Time for relaxation!

Within 90 mim from Porto, the diversity of Gerês National Park is unmatched, with rainforests, mountain peaks, lakes, streams and stunning and powerful waterfalls.

There are also plenty of opportunities to see wildlife in Gerês during the winter. Garranos (wild horses that live free in the park) are very easy to see and sometimes even touch (they are very friendly animals. There is also cows, goats, sheep, dogs and cats that wander around the villages!

Watch the Video:

During the tours we hike to reach waterfalls and lagoons, stop in a local village on the hills were the time stopped in the sixties, eat the most traditional portuguese food and then hike some more trought a Roman ancient road, marked with 2,000-year-old milestones.

The centenary forest Mata de Albergaria and the amazing lake of Vilarinho das furnas will prove you step by step why Gerês National Park is so special and why you should not miss the opportunity to explore it during you trip to Porto!

 geres outono 2

Daytime temperatures during the winter average the 18 degrees (°C), and the hiking trails are easy to moderate difficulty, so even if you travel with your family it is something that everyone can do!

Silence, wildlife, Waterfalls and amazing colors makes the Gerês National Park mandatory for all the nature lovers and all the travellers that want to know more about the other side of Portugal outside the cities.

To book or know more about this tours click here

For more information or questions, just send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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