5 things you need to know about stand up paddle during your vacations in porto!


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5 things you need to know about stand up paddle during your vacations in porto!

1 ) Porto is one of the best destination for stand up paddle in Europe.

In less than an hour driving you can find incredible rivers surrounded by nature for an amazing paddle experience


2) It´s really easy! No previous experience needed!

Before the activity you will have a careful and detailed explanation from the guide about the techniques of Paddle. The equipment has high quality. You will not get tired, you will not fall, it´s 100% fun!


3) You only need half day!

5 hours of your time in two possible periods - morning or afternoon. After this adventure, you still have time to explore the city!


4) You don´t need to know how to swim!

Take a swimming suit or a water jacket if you need! Our guide will always keep an eye on you!


5 ) Relaxing, Fun and Unforgettable!

You can do it with your friends, bachelor parties ou even with your family! 

Relax in the nature with only the bird songs to make you company.

You will not forget this amazing natural landscapes. 


Oporto adventure tours!

Responsible tourism: Everyone wins!


Dear Travelers,

When you choose Oporto Adventure Tours you are beginning a cycle of nature life.

The Oporto Adventure Tours uses part of the tour’s money to preserve and restore the natural local heritage.

With your contribution we can plant, every year, hundreds of trees and the environmental local associations join us in this wonderful life share. Local habitants feel inspired by our responsible actions and to participate as well. Both, locals and environmental associations keep helping actively in this cycle and assure the maintenance of those trees until the adult age. This choice shows how fully committed everyone is to this cause. We now have all the conditions to assure the full cycle and the prosperity

Geres is now a little greener thanks to you! It is important to restart the cycle, every year, so that the sustainable tourism never dies! Join us and make part of this incredible and pleasant mission!

We are making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.
Choose Responsible Tourism, Choose Oporto Adventure tours! 

plantacao 2


A sua Árvore só fará diferença se sobreviver!

Mais difícil que organizar uma plantação de arvores é reunir condições e ideias para que estas cheguem á fase adulta.

Aproveitamos este artigo no Blogue para lhe garantir que através do protocolo assinado entre a Oporto adventure Tours, Quercusviveiro de Álvaro Afonso Unipessoal, LDA que está assegurada as condições para essa manutenção.

Aquele terreno despido, fustigado pelo fogo posto, vai se transformar num lindo carvalhal.

Gostaríamos de agradecer:

-Todos os que escolhem a Oporto Adventure Tours para realizar a sua tour, 

-À Equipa Oporto Adventure Tours,  

-Ao Carlos Rio, responsável pela edição deste vídeo, 

-Aos nossos parceiros,

-A todos os voluntários que participaram na atividade,

-Águas Fastio, Junta Freguesia de Rio Caldo e Câmara de Terras do Bouro, 

-E finalmente á Quercus e viveiro de Álvaro Afonso Unipessoal, LDA que alinharam nesta aventura connosco e sem eles seria impossível a garantia de uma plantação eficaz de árvores no Geres.

Terminamos com a renovação de esperança que esta ideia de sustentabilidade e responsabilidade ambiental por parte das empresas de animação turística é crucial para o futuro. Esperamos que outras empresas sigam o nosso exemplo. 

A vocês que participaram de forma voluntária na plantação: a vossa árvore vai fazer diferença!!

Um sincero Obrigada! 

Carla e Sérgio

5 Things you should take with you during a Gerês Tour


1. Bikini/Shorts

Go to Gerês and not take your bathing suit is like to go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower. To understand the Gerês essence, you need to feel the therapeutic crystal waters sensation.

2. Towel

Spread the towel on a rock and, like a lizard, enjoy the silence and the sun shining on your skin. 

3. Sunscreen

Summer in Gerês is very hot (normally more 3/4 degrees than Porto) so it`s very important have a good skin protection. You don`t want to look like a lobster after the tour.

4. Boots

The hikes are short but a no slippery pair of shoes avoids accidents and provides a better walk on the trails.

5. An open Heart

You will have a day full of new adventures, new people, new places and a different culture so it is crucial that you arrive with an open heart and a clear mind. If so, you will have an unforgettable time in Gerês National Park!
5 things you don´t need!
- Water
Our guides provide bottled water and it is also possible to drink directly from the natural springs.
- Photographic Camera
Don´t worry with the photos of the day, enjoy the moment, our guide take care of that for you!
- Maps
You are going with a Gerês expert guide, you don´t need a map!
- Mobile Phone
Turn off the phone, relax and forget for a few hours the city rush and stress. 
- Money
We don´t stop in souvenir shops, our day is focused in Gerês nature, therefore our tour has everything you need included. Part of the tour money is a contribution to help preserving nature and the culture of the villages you visit, so you already are helping the local economy
Written by Carla Couto

5 Reasons for you to join us in a Seed Harvest at Peneda-Gerês National Park

Seeds collect alternative

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein 

On 25 January last, Oporto Adventures Tours and the Environment Organization QUERCUS get together in Gerês to collect seeds. In this post we explain the reason why this was a special day for us  and we hope that in future events you feel inspired and motivated to join us! 

Is fun! 

While we collected the seeds we lost the count of  laughs. The sense of humor of our local guides helped! 
The truth is  nature make us so good that the rest comes naturally. 

Is an oppurtunity to learn! 

Quercus staff shared a lot of their knowledge with us! We learned new interesting things about Gerês native trees and fauna/flora curiosities. Certainly we left  with a full heart.  
explicação Quercus


It´s a way to contribute to the natural heritage preservation! 

While we collect seeds and replant them, we are assuming the role of other natural protagonists  like the birds, insects and therefore we are increasing the change of having a higher number of native trees in Gerês. 

Rage against invasive species!

Portugal is the European Country with more hectares of Eucalyptus planted. This is a real problem because Eucalyptus is a very inflammable tree and also consume a huge amount of water and soil resources, bottom line the way those trees were planted was not the best. Collect seeds and plant trees doesn´t resolve all the problems, but mitigate the ecosystem consequences. 

Responsible Tourism is emotional and grateful!

Is amazing the feeling of doing something which will turn the environment better. 
That sensation follows us in the entire activity. We are giving thanks to nature for everything that provides. When seeds are planted and become Medronho trees, Oak trees, chestnut trees and others somehow we turn into a  part of those landscapes.
Quercus day
Do you feel inspired to join us? 
Next collect will be between October/ December!  
Keep following our blog! 
Written by Carla Couto e Sérgio Miranda

Responsable Tourism: Travel to Porto and help Peneda-Gerês National Park become a better place


A good place to live is a good place to visit!

National Park Peneda - Gerês is full of toxic tourism. That is a historic problem in Gerês. Visitors arrive to Park and destroy the natural heritage with their lack of careful, leaving the garbage on the floor and ruining the fauna and flora by neglect. 
Image if you were a local, how would you feel if you saw this picture over and over again? 
You may think that this kind of tourism create jobs and increases the local economy but the reality is not so black and white as you imagine.  
The truth is that many tourists left  without experience and understand this incredible place. They don´t learn the old traditions, the history behind every magic corner and sometimes they don´t even taste the amazing local gastronomy. 
  In Nature nothing exists alone!            
When we began our Gerês Day Tour, in 2012, we didn´t know yet what we want to be, but we certainly knew what we didn´t want to be: More Toxic Tourism in Gerês! 
The challenge was, from the beginning, understand how we could be different. Rapidly we realize that only a true relation based in trust, respect and partnership, with the local population, make sustainable tourism possible. 
And What´s the Point?  
What´s the point to plant trees if there isn´t anyone to keep and make them grown? 
What´s the point to donate money to the local associations? What they really do with the money? Probable the real associations issues are not the capital but the capacity to create and develop effectivity actions that have a significant contribution for the conservation and preservation of the National Park Peneda-Gerês cultural and natural heritage.   
What´s the point to promote clean campaigns? The ideal is to prevent people pollution, alerting them to have manners and to be more  knowledgeable. 
What´s the point to bring new visitors to the park if the tour guide offers them a picnic lunch with products bought in a big commercial store? What kind of benefic this practices bring to the local community
Given the answers we had the mental clarity of the difficulties and challengs to deal ahead.But the love for the Gerês Park, the locals and the alternative tourism inspiration gave us the strength to apply and built our own ideas.
Have the best travelers of the world helped! Local habitants sooner began to notice that we were different, our tourist don´t pollute, don't ruin, instead they respect the environment and the local roots.Our guides support the local restaurants having their and the tourists meals in typical restaurants, showing the different history in each dish and telling stories behind the person who made it. 
 As a result the relationship between Oporto Adventure Tours and the locals increased and the trustfulness grew.  
old lady
Nowadays mutual support is a reality! 
- We collect tree seeds, they care and find the best spot to plant them. 
- We plant trees, they assure their survival.
-  The local associations need help to implant some new idea? They can count on us! 
We really believe that we are helping Gerês to become a better place, not just for the habitants but also for the future visitors. Provide the best experience is our main goal!
To keep in mind our goal, this year we signed a protocol with QUERCUS, a main environment organization which focus operate in natural resources conservation and environment defense
We have planned several activities and all our tour guides, residents and tourists will participate. 
- Native seed harvest in Gerês 
- Environment education actions 
- Plant several trees 
Written by Carla Couto e Sérgio Miranda